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Size of memory

Playstation regular cards give = 1mb each.

Sega CD “CD Backup RAM Cart” - 16mb

Interact Memory Card Plus = 8mb

Action Replay Plus 4M Auto = 4mb archival save (while the Saturn is running the cart acts as a 4MB boost in RAM for the system), so you have to go into memory card manager mode to swap files from Saturn internal memory to the cart.

PS2 memory cards have 8MB labeled on them so let’s say this could be accurate. I’m not sure how many bytes are in each Psone game save block. If it took up 5kb, it took up one block  If it took up 1kb, it took up one block. The other memory cards arbitrarily take up a “block” but each block’s size used up on the system varied. Sony didnd’t folllow this until PS2 happened.

What I’ve Been Doing. A few thoughts for the day.

I’m still puzzled by how Blizzard broke from its Warcraft series of RTS games to making WOW. In WCIII you moved around more than one character and you had your minions chop down trees, mine gold, or build stuff.

Well anyway, that game mechanic broke down and they used the universe of Warcraft to build an MMO. There was a brieff time in life where I played WOW, Warhammer Online, and LOTRO. Together. I was constantly playing as different classes of characters but didn’t like the fact that the Quest System is intergral to the Leveling System.

Kill X for Y experience.  I seem to recall Final Fantasy IX not having this feature. You level up by killing mobs

From my experience with Ultima Online, I am used to doing what I want when I want to do it.


PS3 games including Resident Evil 5, Borderlands: GOTY, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Super Street Fighter IV, Batman: Arkham City GOTY, Bioshock 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow CE, Silent Hill: Homecoming,

Not to mention downloads of Psone games and modern downloads on the PS3 itself.

The Nonfiction of MORfiction by: Demonic Link Ben


MORfiction is a guy who I’ve know for years as a scumbag with no emmotions at all. He uses people like napkins at the fast food places he eats his high priced burgers that he shits out in 10 seconds flat. His Book is a blueprint for becoming either a serial killer or rapist. He takes advantage of…

You ever take a taxi? A trip from my apartment to the nearby Super Walmart cost $20. But what do expect when you call a phone number and tell them to pick you up by yourself and take you to a different location.

Oh and what about multiple stops? You have no idea how generous I was with my time and patience. And here I’m reading this as I’m thinking of getting my own small business or something. I could have given you a job.

Not one that pays hourly but would get you a few bucks at a time. I’m still doing research on the plan.

I’ve probably got the “Kline”..

"As babies and children, XXY males may have weaker muscles and reduced strength. As they grow older, they tend to become taller than average. They may have less muscle control and coordination than other boys their age.[4]


"During puberty, the physical traits of the syndrome become more evident; because these boys do not produce as much testosterone as other boys, they have a less muscular body, less facial and body hair, and broader hips. As teens, XXY males may have larger breasts, weaker bones, and a lower energy level than other boys.[4]

No wonder I’m not that furry…. and I been thinking for years I had arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

"Affected males are often infertile, or may have reduced fertility. Advanced reproductive assistance is sometimes possible.[14]

Sounds like me and a certain mad genius I know….

"XXY males are also more likely than other men to have certain health problems, which typically affect females, such as autoimmune disorders, breast cancer, venous thromboembolic disease, and osteoporosis.[4][16] In contrast to these potentially increased risks, it is currently thought that rare X-linked recessive conditions occur less frequently in XXY males than in normal XY males, since these conditions are transmitted by genes on the X chromosome, and people with two X chromosomes are typically only carriers rather than affected by these X-linked recessive conditions.’

Fuck! Osteoperosis? I’m a fat, tall bastard and my bones been hurting me my whole life!!! OH! My fucking back!


RE: Sissies.

From a youtube video I just did.

Some exceptions to the “rule”: Power Puff Girls for girls and Stewart Smalley for the boys.

Specifically, I can think of no better example of a gender-bender in PPG than HIM.

This high-heeled hooligan is actually male. Don’t let all the pink fluff fool you. The most masculine part of HIM is his name. HIM is basically the devil of the PPG universe.

I think I’ll edit this entry later on. …

I can’t think of any other examples. :D


History of Ultima Online…

LBR remains a favorite time period for me in the game. I still have the discs for each expansion that was released on disc after Renaissance. Check out the awesome comic they did in 2002!

Eleven years later, the game is still struggling along. It wasn’t until Age of Shadows when things hit the downward spiral we are seeing today.

Little plug.

Res Kid is still available on Nook for the low price of $1.25. Please forgive the sloppy formatting.

The first part of Res Kid, “Dove & Crow" is on audible for $1.95. In the future I hope to have a full version of Res Kid available as an audiobook. (Narration for this one by Matt Lamont.)

Tandy 1000 EX Games.

I had, no particular order: The Black Cauldron, Donald Duck’s Playhouse, Thexder, Winnie the Pooh & the Hundred Acre Wood, The Last Ninja, Deluxe Paint, and that’s about it. :D

I missed out on hundreds of DOS games from the time. From school I brought home First Choice which was a writing program.

NES games? I had too many to list. Chances are people bought them at Game Zombie (my last name was written on the labels).