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Simpsons Evolution

This won’t be long one, promise. When the Simpsons started, Bart was star of the show. He’d say many, many things that were put onto t-shirts.

Matt Groening explained once that he named the chars from the show after people in his family: Homer, Marge, Maggie, and Lisa. Bart’s name is anagram of “Brat.” And a brat he was for who knows how long. Imagine the show if he wasn’t in it?

Anyway, this centric nature of Bart’s escapades was growing thin so the show did something remarkable, it started having sub-plots featuring different characters of the show as they split up and did whatever. I’m not sure sub-plot is the best word as I could have used, but parallel scenes? Whatever you call it.

I became conscious of this nature on one episode where Homer and all of the nuclear power plant employees are invited along with their families to go. Homer has a dreadful time and you begin to see through his imaginary lense of what is going on near the end of the episode.

There’s another family that obviously love & respect each other and they are joyfully shown getting into the family car in orderly fashion and begin to ascend to heaven (without dying no less). Marge says something. He looks at his own family and is surrounded by demons. Bart & LIsa argue over seating arangements. They have horns and fire comes from their mouths. Sighing miserably, Homer drives as they descend to a pit in hell.

I used to watch much of the Simpson’s and I have no idea if the movie predates any manuscripts of Stephen King’s “Under the Dome” or not. (King likely could of moth-balled the manuscript for a later date.) Another irony of the show was Dancing Homer when Marge proudly says she’d never see the day that a Simpson was on a t-shirt (Homer). Bart makes a noise of disgust.

I’m dredging my rather bad memory… I think the last episode where Bart was taking over the show was when he tried to jump Springfield Gorge. Homer unfortunately does it, well, almost. What about the pink shirt episode where Michael Jackson appeared as a tall, bald hulking fellow from a mental asylum who believed he was MJ.

Funniest gag I can remember? Lisa buys or builds a robot that corrects bad grammar. When it encounters some thugs from the mafia, he self-destructs. I think the words were “I’m gonna kick you in the condenza!”

So anyway, please describe your favorite events that happened simultaneously of one another. I did poorly.

more dark tower notes

Well, I think its a fun idea.

Lil Blaine notices Jake looking sad so he asks if he could pick up a few supplies. Jake agrees and to his astonishment Lil Blaine draws a door in mid-air and opens it. Jake doesn’t want to open the door but Jack insists. They step through the door together and wind up in Jake’s house. They ransack the house for medicine to treat Roland’s wounds and illness and also get food. Jake’s dad comes home briefly and asks Jake who his new friend is. Jack shakes his hand and mentions the amusement park. Jake’s dad hands Jake a bag of his & his wife’s old clothes and tells him to donate them, then leaves.

Jake is surprised someone besides himself could see or hear Jack. Jack is saying he wants to see more of the town but the closet door opens up and whisks them back to Roland’s location.

As they arrive, they see Roland sitting up and yelling at someone. They can see the shadows of the two people, perhaps even their silhouettes but not their words. From his ranting we get the idea that he is in great dispair of ever reaching the Tower with his current companions. He calls each of them slowpokes and as dense towards danger as cattle. Then he asks if they “shovel” the deck, bring back his old friends & the girl he loved while sending back the bad deck of his current Ka-tet.

His old companions leave him and Jake keeps a small distance from Roland until the gunslinger sleeps. He decides not to tell the others what he has heard when they arrive.

A few hours later Eddie & Susan arrive, laughing about what the hotel manager had said to them. He had taken one look at Eddie and said he didn’t want a groundskeeper who was a drug addict. Eddie had protested he was clean. The hotel manager asked his name and when he heard “Dean” he asked for a relation to James Dean. Eddie refused it, admitting to a same spelling of their names. Then they were given a room to washup in.

During the night Roland tells his sad story of his youth and his first mission as a gunslinger. Lil Blaine disassembles & cleans their guns as Roland is incapable of doing so then he bid them fairwell, standing stilll and seemingly shorting out.  

Part two:

Martin O’ Dim’s arrival into Tull. He does pretty much as he had been described doing in the first book. As well as some other antics.

Dark Tower movie musings.

My first choice is an adaption of Silmarillion. We can call it “The War of the Jewels” if that’s better for everyone.

My second suggestion is Dark Tower.

We’ll make the assumption that each project would take up no less than ten movies.

Silm isn’t really fresh in my head at the moment. But anyway.

Dark Tower cast? Mark Hamill will play Walter O’ Dim aka the Man in Black. Warning, the movie inter-cuts between segments rapidly like Pulp Fiction or Reservoir Dogs.

Dark Tower I starts out just before the crash of Blaine the Mono. Blaine says hello to each of the members of Roland’s Ka-Tet and challenges them to a game of riddles.

Jake pipes up “Like Riddles in the Dark?”

Blaine makes a clunking noise before he asks “I’m sorry, Little Buckaroo are you asking for the lights to be turned off?”

Jake: “No I meant like in The Hobbit.”

Eddie & Susanah both say they”d read that book as well. Roland sighs and looks out the window, day-dreaming a little. He of course has no idea what the hell a hobbit is and doesn’t see this as a time to ask about it.

We follow along the book (DT 3 the Wastelands beginning/ DT 4 Wizard & Glass.) changes I would make to the book is that Roland is constantly on the verge of dying. He’s a Tower Junkie, the last of the Gunslingers, and a poor teacher of the art to his students.

Sometimes when Roland looks at Eddie, he will see his friend Cuthbert. He will try to reconcile this by trying give Eddie a rook’s skull necklace which Eddie refuses with a remark about Kentucky Fried Chicken being meant to ate and have the bones thrown out. Jake laughs, Susan looks confused because she hadn’t heard of the restraunt. She will look at Eddie & see him as JFK living in a different world & time. Each of these little parts happens when it isn’t their turn to ask a riddle.

Jake will commune with young Jack Sawyer of the Talisman.

Part two: We’ll have scene from Little Sisters of Alluria.

Part three: Blaine crashes. Show the whole scene of Eddie using his really terrible humor and such. A twist I would add would be the appearance of an android. From Blaine’s engine compartment. He’ll identify himself as Lil’ Blaine. Just as they are about the refuse to come along with him, Roland faints.

Eddie checks him for injuries and is surprised to find several gun shot wounds as well as the infection returning to his wounds he’d suffered at the beach. Susan pleads for Roland to talk to keep his mind fresh so she shouldn’t pass out. Roland will agree with Eddie if he weren’t traveling the Path of the Beam since leaving Gilead, he would of died; at which point he laughs and makes a small joke about being the keeper of the light house so that lesser gunslingers like Eddie himself wouldn’t run-a-foul of the rocks. Jake sorta gets it even though the others don’t.

Lil Blaine will carry Roland. Eddie complains at some point wanting a shower and a change of clothes. Lil Blaine makes a DING! noise and some light bulbs flash. He’ll suggest that Eddie & Susan take off for a night in the hotel. Eventually they’ll agree and as they walk into Topeka they’ll see the hotel as mentioned. Hidden from their view is the sign telling the name of the hotel: The Overlook.


John Ronald Reuel Tolkien died in 1973 at age 81. He is best known for writing “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” although he left several books unpublished during his lifetime. I call this the “the Hobbit curse” as in the books didn’t have hobbits in them and he was typecast by his publisher to have hobbits in his books so they refused to publish them.

Tolkien’s main goal in writing was not to tell a story but he started out creating languages for fantasy races, then he focused on creating a mythical history for them. His day gig was afterall teaching linguistics. He was upset that his homeland of England had no Myths of its own creation so he created Middle Earth (and Beleriand) to suit this gap.

Christopher Reuel Tolkien became executor of his father’s estate and this gave him the reputation for publishing and editing his father’s backload. He was 12 when The Hobbit was published. He followed in his father’s foot steps by going to World War II while his father had served in World War One.

Simon Mario Reuel Tolkien (the grandson) doesn’t write fantasy. He writes law drama stuff like John Grisham does. He’s also a barrister… whatever the hell that is…

I thought it important to bring up the fact that ther’s more to the story than The Hobbit or its “sequel.” Anyway, while recuperating from “trench fever” Tolkien started writing “The Book of Lost Tales” which would serve as a draft for The Silmarilion. Christopher published Silm book first then worked on several other entries which he called “the History of Middle Earth.”

Most recently published was “The Children of Hurin” which I would classify as a “tragedy” … I’m not sure why this was done alone since it doesn’t have a human & elf romance in it like the story of Beren & Luthien or Aragorn & Arwen.

I think I read all of the books…  Currently I’m struggling with mental illness so I can’t read as quickly or adeptly as I used to in my teens or early twenties.

Here’s you reading list!

The Book of Lost Tales 1 (1983)
The Book of Lost Tales 2 (1984)
The Lays of Beleriand (1985) *
The Shaping of Middle-earth (1986)
The Lost Road and Other Writings (1987)
The Return of the Shadow (The History of The Lord of the Rings v.1) (1988)
The Treason of Isengard (The History of The Lord of the Rings v.2) (1989)
The War of the Ring (The History of The Lord of the Rings v.3) (1990)
Sauron Defeated (includes The History of The Lord of the Rings v.4) (1992)
Morgoth’s Ring (The Later Silmarillion v.1) (1993)
The War of the Jewels (The Later Silmarillion v.2) (1994)
The Peoples of Middle-earth (1996)

* Haha, very funny, but “lays” seems to mean “songs” as this is a book full of ‘em…

Video Game List of Favorites with descriptions why.

I’ll make two lists if I”m allowed.

Before I begin: I don’t like Game Over screens in Final Fantasy games. You die in DQ or DW, you lose half your gold and maybe have to pay to res your co-horts. It’s less stressful that you go to a dungeon, grab that precious item inside, and die on your way out because the boss handed your ass to you before you killed him and his minions got you. Die in FF? GAME OVER and you have to try from last save to accomplish your goals.

1.) Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride (as a child, your turban wearing wierdo kid self is forced by Bianca on a “ghost hunt”. If you die, Bianca drags you back to inn by your ankle so you can rest. It’s some kinda loop because in the morning your dad is sick and needs to sleep. When you rest, Bianca wants to go again!) I plan on marrying each of the three possible brides on each of the three available game slots. [biggrin] DS version.

2.) Dragon Warrior 7 for being the premier of Artie Plaza’s nice setup. Rotatable sprites! PSone version.

3.) Dragon Quest 6 (Carver manically building a shed for the dwarf) DS version.

4.) Dragon Quest 8. PS2. Akira Torimaya artwork all the way!  I’ll call this one a tie with Final Fantasy XII. This game is so serious and stuffy for some reason. I heard that it takes place in the same world as Final Fantasy Tactics. Ivalice. Square seems to have taken on high fantasy with this game. It’s like playing Tad Williams’ Shadowmarch series. The game is wholly ridiculous but I was engrossed by the game play mechanics. It’s the first voiced-over RPG of it series which I wasn’t practically yellin SHUT THE HELL UP!!!! at the screen. I can deal with Sega CD FMV games where you’re being chewed out for making mistakes and stuff. But I absolutely HATE you, Mr Jock Guy from FFX and all your friends from Kingdom Hearts. 

5.) Final Fantasy VI. PSone version. Love the steampunk stuff and the way technology is both a good and bad in the world (like your castle that can submerge and change locations gets stuck underground.)

6.) Final Fantasy V. Why Final Fantasy V? Galuf. [spoiler]this old man falls from the sky while riding a meteor.
He hits his head or the meteor bounces off his noggin’ as it falls. He talks to animals.
He has amnesia and some of the ways he regains his memory are interesting. He has a
werewolf for a friend. He sees Cid’s son Mid beat him senseless and this causes him to remember
how his daughter beat him up for feeling old. [/spoiler]Or something. I have the Batman: Dark Knight poster and its tagline is “Why So SERIOUS?” written in blood.

The other two SNES entries into Final Fantasy (one is before, the other after V) are serious
affairs with a measure of majestic. What sticks with me from VI, beyond the Opera Scene,
is when you as Celes must catch fish and feed them to a wounded Cid on a deserted isle.
You have to make sure they are fresh and not rotten. If you do it right, Cid stays alive. If done
wrong, the depression hits Celes so hard that she jumps off a cliff in an attempt to die.
Her movement from the cliff top to the water is shockingly like the arc made by the flowers
she’d thrown during the opera scene.

And people talk about Aerith dying, but what about Cid from IV? He kamikazis off the side of the airship to protect his friends and blows up via a bomb. Several characters in IV commit some kind of noble sacrifice to hurry the plot along.

Dragon Warrior VII marks the series’ return to a console after lingering on GBC. It was the second time a seventh in a series debuted on PSone and it was too late to get much of an audience. Since then, Dragon Quest XIII broke the Dragon Warrior curse and brought beautiful renditions of good ol’ Akira Torimaya’s artwork. DWVII pioneered Artie Plaza’s style for three DS games. The game sadly suffers from being OVER-developed. You have to collect shards of broken tablets, go to the past where monsters roamed the earth, solve whatever catastrophe evil brought to sink the islands other than the one where the hero and his two friends lived. After you make do with heroism, you go to the present and sail a fishing boat to the new island to investigate any improvements.

I don’t know why there’s only one surviving island and so far that reason hasn’t been expressed. Look at the cover of the CD case for Dragon Warrior VII. The guy with red hair, Keifer is a crown prince who is friends with two fishing village people. He leaves your group fairly early in the past to live with a nomad woman. He’s eventually replaced by Gabo the Wolf Lad. I’m not kidding: I haven’t even finished disc one of two and I’ve owned the game since it first came to the USA. It amazes me that my little party of adventures can be so blithe. I don’t think I’ve revisited the fishing village for the longest time nor the castle. I only played in spurts on this one, letting it collect dust for awhile.

I even ventured into *gasp* MMOs and digital download computer games. I just fill up my “libraries” with titles which I have no interest in playing…

7.) Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Edition or whatever its called on PSP. (Didn’t feel like buying all the content for The After Years one after the other BUT you can’t skip around and must unlock the chapters linearally. ARGH! So maybe I WILL buy the DLC from Nintendo. My one gripe is that there’s oodles of versions released in USA. SNES’ Final Fantasy II (Wii Virtual Console), FF IV Advance, the PSP version, plus a 3Dish DS version.  Oh, didn’t Cid die in FF IV???? But he’s alive and older in TAY…

8. Final Fantasy IX, for the end of an era. This is the game on PSone which is most faithful to the FANTASY of the series for both 8 and 16 bit instead of the mishmash of techno-stuff from the PSone and up.

9.) Dragon Quest IX… what can I say except “here there be angels.” This is a massive change from Nintendo’s censorship of religious stuff. Sure the angels are guardians. Or Celestrians.

10.) Dragon Warrior. Not an easy game and having to only save at the one castle is a real bummer. I at one point bought from Funcoland complete in box with manual a copy of DW III. The battery died and my game save was wiped so I stupidly returned the game to them for store credit. I have the GBC remakes but haven’t gotten far in them. I can tell you seeing that piggie guy from Dragon Ball turning into a knight from DW was mind bending because at the time I didn’t know Akira Torimaya illustrated for both projects. Amazing moment, carrying the princess in your character’s arms on the way from the dungeon to the castle. A moment referenced years later in FF IX. Hey, Mario, suck it!

Okay, non RPGs or atleast games not in FF OR DQ.

1.) The Black Cauldron, Tandy 1000 EX PC game. My first adventure game. Tied with The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. Also tied is Battle of Olympus. Also GC version of Twilight Princess where Link is Midna’s b i t c h.

2.) Shadowrun for SNES for its design. It seems like a port of a PC game but isn’t. I know most people like the Genesis version for graphics. Finally after all these years there’s a couple new Shadowrun games ‘Returns and ‘Online. Both are on Steam. Can’t wait to play!

3.) Fear Effect, PSone. I think I got to the second level once… game save erased somehow. [frown] This game is challenging. And in the second game your black haired spy girl has a blond girlfriend! It also gets a shocking that the girl who is kidnapped has her throat slit! WHOA!

4.) Metal Gear Solid SERIES. I’d rather not rank them one above the other. Snake Eater is the pinnacle of the series. Just hearing that Bondish theme song was amazing because you’re climbing up this long, long ladder up into the mountains after killing The End. (They shoulda done an Apocalypse Now & Forrest Gump send-up to this guy’s death. Say the parrot goes “My Final Friend!” and sets off a napalm strike and Snake has to boogey outta there. And as he’s treating himself for very painful burn injuries … oops… can’t use that one. That was a late 70s movie.
4 B.) MGS2: Good move, Konami, for showing off MGS: Virtual Missions of the PSone game footage during the narrative. I have no idea how many people actually played 1.0 of that thing. The choice to watch Snake’s actions from the eyes of rookie soldier Raiden was a .. uh… fantastic idea. Snake at first adopts the “Plisken” name which bridges the gap between this and the “Escape From” Kurt Russel movies. Too bad they never … wait… the cyborg ninja is a send up to Terminator as the uniform he wore for the cover of MG on NES was the same attire Kyle Reese wore in the future! Well, there shoulda been more of ‘em! Because Kojima afterall also directed Snatcher.

4 C.) Wearing the Cloaking Device in MGS! I loved that! You just runaround invisible and driving the guards absolutely insane! The only thing more badass is wearing the Raiden mask and the Raiden-ancestor’s uniform in Snake Eater. You salute guards, they salute you, then you kick the living crap outta them!!! Too bad the dogs aren’t fooled…

4 D.) MGS IV. Ugh. This one was sloppy. From its long loading sessions between missions where you just sit there watching Snake smoke a cigarette and get Surgeon General warnings between tips. What the hell was it even doing? Was the game that highly compressed that it had to save chunks of data onto the hard drive rather than go straight from the disc????? I know my one ex-friend liked that because he could take a smoke break, too. This game I’m pretty sure is a sequel to MGS 2 while Snake Eater is a prequel to MGS one.

The “Big Boss” guy’s series diverges from the Sold Snake one. I’m not sure MGS Portable Ops fits in with the series. From seeing footage of MGS V, I have say I’m not liking the look of the home base. It’s exactly like the “Plant” portion of MGS2 but painted all orange!

I wonder when the remake for Metal Gear happens? They actually made Peace Walker canon… So Big Boss series is Snake Eater then Peace Walker then MGS V.

Solid Snake series is Metal Gear, MG2 from MSX, MGS (skipping Snake’s Revenge), MGS2, and MGS IV. (He’s got some kinda progeria from the destabilizing of Fox Die in his system so that’s why he is old.)

I’m not a terrible fan of the “Fulton Recovery System” … How does that even work? Does a helicopter come flying by to grab that fast-moving parachute thing????


5.) Street Fighter Zero 3 for Sega Saturn.

6.) Panzer Dragoon Saga.

7.) I’d like to say “Shenmue 2” but I only played a few hours of that. I was doing that move-the-box job and I know I liked being able to pick my way through topics which you couldn’t do in the first game. Xbox and Game Cube both became sanctuaries for Sega Dreamcast and newer Sega games.

8.) Downloadable Games!!! This includes PSone games on PS3… GOG and Steam. I know I had a few on Gamefly…

Oh great. I forgot to rank one. Rise of the Dragon. Sega CD. This game features a girl dying of drug over-dose (she puts on something that looks like a nicotine patch, starts moaning and then abruptly screams). And this is the beginning of the game! The game isn’t FMV in the sense that they don’t just use digitized video footage. The lip-synching is bad. Instead of filmed, the characters are drawn. Animation is minmalistic. If you don’t like it being all green tints, play the silent DOS version…

If you go to the bar, here’s the procedure. Think twice about taking your gun. The bouncers will confiscate if you do NOT bribe them with a chocolate bar. If you give them one, you get a claim ticket. Otherwise leave the gun in the apartment. This game has some side-scrolling bits that are terrible… but only a mini-level at best.

Another favorite is Platoon for NES. You can’t pass level one without finding the explosives first. Once you get them, you cab cross the bridge and it blows up, not allowing any insurgents into the village. I like how every level of this game is unique with new challenges.

Size of memory

Playstation regular cards give = 1mb each.

Sega CD “CD Backup RAM Cart” - 16mb

Interact Memory Card Plus = 8mb

Action Replay Plus 4M Auto = 4mb archival save (while the Saturn is running the cart acts as a 4MB boost in RAM for the system), so you have to go into memory card manager mode to swap files from Saturn internal memory to the cart.

PS2 memory cards have 8MB labeled on them so let’s say this could be accurate. I’m not sure how many bytes are in each Psone game save block. If it took up 5kb, it took up one block  If it took up 1kb, it took up one block. The other memory cards arbitrarily take up a “block” but each block’s size used up on the system varied. Sony didnd’t folllow this until PS2 happened.

What I’ve Been Doing. A few thoughts for the day.

I’m still puzzled by how Blizzard broke from its Warcraft series of RTS games to making WOW. In WCIII you moved around more than one character and you had your minions chop down trees, mine gold, or build stuff.

Well anyway, that game mechanic broke down and they used the universe of Warcraft to build an MMO. There was a brieff time in life where I played WOW, Warhammer Online, and LOTRO. Together. I was constantly playing as different classes of characters but didn’t like the fact that the Quest System is intergral to the Leveling System.

Kill X for Y experience.  I seem to recall Final Fantasy IX not having this feature. You level up by killing mobs

From my experience with Ultima Online, I am used to doing what I want when I want to do it.


PS3 games including Resident Evil 5, Borderlands: GOTY, Final Fantasy XIII, Final Fantasy XIII-2, Dragon Age: Origins, Assassins Creed: Brotherhood, Super Street Fighter IV, Batman: Arkham City GOTY, Bioshock 2, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow CE, Silent Hill: Homecoming,

Not to mention downloads of Psone games and modern downloads on the PS3 itself.

The Nonfiction of MORfiction by: Demonic Link Ben


MORfiction is a guy who I’ve know for years as a scumbag with no emmotions at all. He uses people like napkins at the fast food places he eats his high priced burgers that he shits out in 10 seconds flat. His Book is a blueprint for becoming either a serial killer or rapist. He takes advantage of…

You ever take a taxi? A trip from my apartment to the nearby Super Walmart cost $20. But what do expect when you call a phone number and tell them to pick you up by yourself and take you to a different location.

Oh and what about multiple stops? You have no idea how generous I was with my time and patience. And here I’m reading this as I’m thinking of getting my own small business or something. I could have given you a job.

Not one that pays hourly but would get you a few bucks at a time. I’m still doing research on the plan.

I’ve probably got the “Kline”..

"As babies and children, XXY males may have weaker muscles and reduced strength. As they grow older, they tend to become taller than average. They may have less muscle control and coordination than other boys their age.[4]


"During puberty, the physical traits of the syndrome become more evident; because these boys do not produce as much testosterone as other boys, they have a less muscular body, less facial and body hair, and broader hips. As teens, XXY males may have larger breasts, weaker bones, and a lower energy level than other boys.[4]

No wonder I’m not that furry…. and I been thinking for years I had arthritis and chronic fatigue syndrome.

"Affected males are often infertile, or may have reduced fertility. Advanced reproductive assistance is sometimes possible.[14]

Sounds like me and a certain mad genius I know….

"XXY males are also more likely than other men to have certain health problems, which typically affect females, such as autoimmune disorders, breast cancer, venous thromboembolic disease, and osteoporosis.[4][16] In contrast to these potentially increased risks, it is currently thought that rare X-linked recessive conditions occur less frequently in XXY males than in normal XY males, since these conditions are transmitted by genes on the X chromosome, and people with two X chromosomes are typically only carriers rather than affected by these X-linked recessive conditions.’

Fuck! Osteoperosis? I’m a fat, tall bastard and my bones been hurting me my whole life!!! OH! My fucking back!